GSBANA Upbreeding Program and Goals

The Gotland Sheep Breeders Association of North America (GSBANA) supports the development of Gotland Sheep that meet or exceed the GSBANA standard. The development consists of the original crossing of specific non-Gotland foundation sheep breeds with Gotland genetics through imported semen or natural breeding to increase the Gotland percentage.

Foundation Sheep Breeds

The foundation sheep breeds approved by GSBANA have either a body type or fleece type similar to Gotland sheep. The foundation sheep must be purebred from the following ten (10) breeds, or sheep produced from crossing these breeds with themselves and/or with Gotlands. No other breeds, or crossbred breeds, are allowed to have their progeny recorded or registered with GSBANA.

93.75% Gotland Ewe-VT Grand View Farm, VT
93.75% Gotland Ewe-VT Grand View Farm, VT

Northern Short-Tailed Breeds

Shetland Sheep (S)
Icelandic Sheep (I)
Finnsheep (N)

Longwool Breeds

Wensleydale (W)
Lincoln (L)
Cotswold (C)
English Leicester (E)
Border Leicester (B)
Bluefaced Leicester (F)
Teeswater (T)