HOPPY 195-01 R 627 AI-NZ

Basic Facts:
Born 2001

Fleece Test:
Yield: 70.6%
Mean: 33.61 micron
SD: 6.83
CV: 20.3
CEM: 11.3
CF: 30.9

New Zealand Score:
Color: 5
Curl: 4
Wool Quality: 4
Density: 4
Temperament: 6

Body: 4+

Sire: WMS1
Dam: WMD1

Breeder & Owner:
Hamish Black
Chocolate Wool
New Zealand

Short Description from Hamish Black: Hoppy has a more solid or nuggety constitution to the other Gotland rams which can have a longer body. Hence, he tends to produce more nugget offpsring which is important at home on the farm as these offspring are the type that tend to fatten to prime condition earlier. Hoppy has the shortest wool staple length of the three.