FLASH 87-05 R 628 AI-NZ

Basic Facts:
Born 2005

Fleece Test:
Mean: 38.82 micron
SD: 10.76
CEM: 19.0
CF: 24.6

C171: QQ

New Zealand Score:
Color: 5
Curl: 5
Wool Quality: 5+

Density: 5+
Temperament: 4

Body: 5

Sire: JCL//02
Dam: 22/00

Breeder & Owner:
Hamish Black
Chocolate Wool
New Zealand

Short Description from Hamish Black: Flash has the longer body constitution. He tends to throw lambs which are the medium=dark grey Gotland color. He has the best wool of the three rams and hence you should use him on ewes where improvement is needed on wool quality. Flash also has the heaviest wool weights of the three rams.