Association History

The Gotland Sheep Breeders Association of North America (GSBANA) was established in 2006 to promote and enhance Gotland sheep by creating a breed standard, upbreeding program and registry in North America.

Gotland sheep are not a rare breed worldwide but did not exist in North America until 2003. They were introduced to this continent through a cross-breeding program using artificial insemination and imported purebred Gotland semen from the the UK.

The Registry was created in 2007 and the first registered Gotland sheep in North America were entered into the GSBANA Flockbook in that year.

Genetics from 3 purebred Gotland rams in New Zealand were imported in 2009 and off-spring from those rams were entered in the GSBANA Flockbook in 2008.

Semen from 11 purebred Gotland rams was imported from Sweden in 2011; the first sheep semen exported from their country of origin. Off-spring from Swedish Gotlands were entered into the GSBANA Flockbook in 2012.

The Association remains open to accepting imported genetics from purebred Gotland rams from all countries.

GSBANA is a member driven organization that encourages participation and respects majority opinion.

As a new organization working with a newly emerging breed in North America, we remain flexible to changes necessary as we gain experience and knowledge in the development of the Gotland Sheep Breed.

Welcome to all who are considering raising Gotland sheep and to the artisans who use this luscious wool.




To promote and protect the Gotland sheep breed in North America. Emphasis will be placed on establishing and maintaining a population of healthy and robust Gotland sheep in North America who conform to the established European breed standards. It is of primary importance to maintain the unique qualities of the Gotland breed.